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The Price is Right Tag Sale Catalog is over, thank you to all who attended

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  • Comments from Shannon
  • Looking back on the weekend and the tag sale here at the farm, we can't thank everyone enough for coming out. You may have all played a different role in the reason you were here, but we thank each and every one of you. So many amazing friends and kids who helped us out all week preparing. They spent their spring break here at the farm and were willing to help out in any way they could. It was a successful day ( ok it could of been 20 degrees warmer for me ) and we are very happy and proud of the way things turned out. To those that made a purchase, we wish you nothing but success and hope that you will return in years to come to find a show calf. Mike putman, without you this catalog would have not been possible...thank you for all your time and effort. John Winchell provided some great presentations for the kids, he is a busy guy. Thanks for taking time out of your day to pass on your knowledge. The moms that let their kids hang out here all week , thank you for trusting us and for letting them be here ( or should you be thanking me lol). One thing Shane & I love the most is watching the kids learn and achieve so much. It is so fun to take a non dairy kid and watch their interest and love for the farm take over. Thanks to the Kuhn's, the Vernon's, The Roulands, and to my kids as well. Ryan Lawton thank you for your clipping and preparation of all the animals. I am so sorry that I deprived you of Mt. Dew all week. Thanks again to everyone


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